A How To: Creating Your Vision for 2018

2316DB52-0C52-49E5-BBBA-D328D40B3F3CIn the spirit of this week’s Angel Card ”A Briliant Idea” I wanted to talk a bit about how we can manifest our idea’s, goal’s and dream’s.

 I was first introduced to creating vision boards when I joined a multi level marketing company in 2013. While I’m no longer a part of the company I have done a vision board every year since. Sometimes updating it a few times a year as some of my visions come to life or my ideas change. It’s a fun way to set goals and be reminded of them daily. All you need is a cork board, scissors, tack’s, magazines or printed pictures. You can use images or words from magazines but I prefer to print out things I’ve saved to my Pinterest boards. To give you an idea of what to put on your board, I usually use images of what I want in regards to my career, relationship, family, travel, lifestyle and health.

I recently did a Vision Challenge with mindset coach Tonya Vanderhart. She suggested to have your intention or what you want your impact to be as the Center of your board and to put any other goals or wants around the edges. The reason being when we focus on service, helping or impacting others and the environment in whatever way it might be instead of material things we are more likely to keep that passion and focus. When we are aligned with our purpose we will in turn be compensated with our material needs and wants.

A second tip I picked up during the 4 day challenge was not to put anything on your board that doesn’t ignite that fire or feeling of excitement inside of you. By only putting up images and words that you are passionate about or deeply desire it will be easier to stay in alignment with your vision.

And thirdly don’t just set goals really create a vision of what every area of your life would be like if there was nothing standing in your way.

I have seen many of the images on my past vision boards come to life and there are also some of that haven’t, but now I realize why that is. I either didn’t really want it that badly or I wasn’t ready to receive it. You know those stories we all  tell ourselves—that we have to do this, this and this before we can have “THAT” or I really want_______ but it’s not realistic. And yes it might take a couple years to achieve something or obtain that “want” but if it is something you really truly desire it will happen eventually when the timing is right.

To give you an example on my board for 2017 I had a picture of an SUV with the caption “I have upgraded to a new SUV to accommodate our family of 4.” I didn’t know how or when this was going to happen I just believed that it would.

Fast forward to late September my Father inlaw asked if we would be interested in one of the three company vehicles his company was selling. We decided that we would put in a bid only for the amount we figured my car would sell for and if we got one of the three vehicles great if not that was ok too. The universe (God/Higher Power) was giving me the opportunity I just had to say “yes”.

We ended up with a great SUV in excellent condition and only lost a $100 on the sale of my car. While it’s a used vehicle (still a couple years newer than my car) that wasn’t something that mattered to me but if it mattered to you, you could absolutely get specific especially if it helps you fully visualize yourself with whatever it may be.

On that note I challenge you to create a vision around that Brilliant Idea. If your not sure what that is yet do some soul searching and figure out what it is you really want this year. Make some time to create your vision board. Honestly the longest part of the process is finding your content, putting it together only takes about 20minutes. Place your vision board somewhere you will see it everyday (I have mine in my room so I see it at the start and end of my day). Then trust and see what happens✨

“Everything you want is coming. Relax and let the Universe pick the timing and the way. You just need to trust that what you want us coming and watch how fast it comes.”~Abraham Hicks


What is an Angel Card Reading?

D059AE26-7763-47B7-9542-DE21B320136F.jpegWhat the heck is an Angel Card Reading?!

I’m glad you asked! We all have our own squad of Angels with us all the time. They send us little messages often like when you get a brilliant idea, feel the sudden urge to declutter or eat better, when you see feathers, reoccurring number sequences and other signs these are your angels making contact with you! An Angel Card Reading is a way to hear guidance from your angels more clearly or even ask them a specific question for clarity.

So how does it work? I first make contact with the Angels by asking them to deliver clear messages for you then the messages are delivered through a deck of Angel/Oracle Cards. It is my job to deliver the messages and help you decifer what they are telling you. But usually you will instinctively know of what they are speaking about.

Who are these Angels? Everyone is born with a Guide or Guardian Angel this Angel is with you through your entire life. They love and care for you deeply and wish to help you carry out your life’s purpose. This is the only Angel that can intervene in our lives without us asking them to. For example when you hear story’s of people surviving an accident without a scratch, or having a “near” death experience, or even when you get a feeling to avoid a situation and something tragic happens but you were safe because you listened to your instincts. These are examples of  your Guide intervening to protect you because it was not your “time to go”. It is possible to have more than one Gaurdian Angel.

There are also Angels that may be with us at any given time to help with specific areas of our life when needed. Sometimes our Guide will ask them for their help but they can not intervene on our behalf without us asking them to because of our own “free will”. There are many different types of these angels some examples are Romance, Healing and Prosperity Angels.

There may also be loved ones around you who have crossed over to the other side.

Lastly there are the 15 Archangels who are the overseers of Humankind and all Gaurdian Angels. Each of the Archangels represent an aspect of God and offer us assistance within that area of expertise. We can call upon any of the Archangels at anytime to help us in life. Because they and all Angels are pure divine energy (who take human form so we may understand them better) they can be in many places at the same time. But they require us to be open to receiving their help as all Angels respect our own “free will”.

I hope this helps you better understand what an Angel Reading is all about but if you’re still unclear I highly suggest experiencing a reading for yourself! I would be more than happy to help you connect with your Angel “Squad” (as the cool kids say).

How did your reading leave you feeling today? “Feeling really positive and optimistic about my future.”—Camille T. 


Shenise~Angel Card Reader


How did I get here and why?



Where do I begin?! I guess I’ll start with a couple quick background stories from my childhood.

I was raised Catholic. We went to church almost every Sunday and my younger sister and I would go to catechism on Mondays after school. I would say for the most part I enjoyed going to church but as I got into my teenage years I started to question my religion. I felt judgement instead of love and there were pieces that didn’t make sense to me. How can God be everywhere? How do you know which religion is the right religion? Why do some people suffer and others not?  The list goes on, so I guess you could say this left me confused and curious. I think this is also why I connect more with Angels. They are nondenominational meaning they don’t belong to one religion in particular.

Now I’ve been told that when I was little I had an imaginary friend named Sarah. I’m not sure at what age I stopped talking about her but here is an interesting story while we’re on the topic. So a few years ago I went to a class put on by Cindy Smith. My friend and I had met her at a Spiritual Expo where she gave us both a reading. After she mentioned a class that she was putting on. So we decided to go to her class, I can’t remember the name of it but it was about connecting with your angels. I’ll be honest we weren’t quite sure what to make of the whole experience but it was during the class that I connected with one of my guardian angels. She was a playful little girl wearing white with red hair and freckles. Can you guess what her name was?! That’s right it was Sarah! In recent years I’ve learnt that it is quite common for young children to be more intune to the spiritual world and as we get older we often lose this ability.

I’ve always been very intuitive and good at reading people or energy. I often get goosebumps as validation especially lately. This is called clairsestinence a clear knowing. Lately I’ve been noticing my other Clair’s more since I’ve been working with the Angels but Clairsestinence is definitely my strongest. Although I wouldn’t call myself a psychic.

Continuing into my adult life I first felt this spiritual shift when I became pregnant with my daughter. Remember how I said I’m very intuitive? Well with both my pregnancies I had this feeling in my gut like I “just knew” I was pregnant!  I had been on a bit of a downward spiral, and my boyfriend of 3 years at the time (my now husband) and I were starting to drift apart. I truly believe that our daughter came into our lives when she did for a reason. If she hadn’t I would not be the person I am today and my husband and I may not have ended up together. That’s not to say things didn’t get harder before they got better. My pregnancy was one of the loneliest times in my life none of my friends had kids and my boyfriend had a hard time relating as most first time fathers do. On October 3 2011 I gave birth to our beautiful little girl after a 22 hour labour. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through but I will never forget the overwhelming love and joy I felt holding my little girl for the first time. She has truly changed our lives for the better.

While on maternity leave I began to clean up my life by exercising regularly and eating better. While caring for my daughter I had realized that I also needed to take care of myself. She helped me realize my self worth and gave me purpose in life again.

After a year of blissful maternity leave it was time to return to my job as a hairstylist. Before I had my baby my job was my life, it was my passion! But something had shifted and I felt lost in regards to my career. I was a different person and I didn’t know if it was the job or the workplace that I had out grown but I decided to go back anyway.

It was about a year later I joined a multi level marketing company with my best friend in hopes it would give me some financial freedom. It was nice to be excited and inspired about something again! This began my journey into personal developement. I began following people like Oprah, Tony Robbins, Gabby Bernstein, Mike Dooley, Doreen Virtue and Wayne Dyer. Not to mention all the amazing people that were succeeding in this business. I learned about manifesting, vision boards and goal setting. While I didn’t make much money I definitely gained a lot of knowledge from the whole experience.

My friend and I quit the company shortly after a conference we attended that year. However we continued going to the Body Spirit Soul Expo in Calgary (where we met Cindy) every year.

It was also around this time I read a couple of books written by my favourite author Gabby Bernstein “Add More Ing to Your Life”, “Spirit Junkie” and “May Cause Miracles”. I saw myself in her and I began to heal my past with the help of her books and through meditation.

Because of this I decided I needed to quit my job but I didn’t know how! There was constant drama and negative energy in my work place but I loved the people I worked with. I also felt like I owed it to my boss to stay because she had once helped build me up into the stylist I had become and I was truly grateful for that.

Two years later I finally found the strength to leave my job. It was a couple of months after my husband and I got married. We were trying to get pregnant but I was so stressed out all the time I knew it wasn’t going to happen if I stayed there. Not to mention I was just so done by that point, enough was enough. So I followed my intuition and applied to a few different salons. As I drove past the very last salon I visited I felt this magnetic pull to stop and go in. I walked in and I knew I wanted to work there, and what do you know I was hired on the spot! After I left I kept seeing flashes of purple light which I now know was Archangel Michael. I quit my other job which was very hard because of the personal relationships I had built there. But my first week of working at the new salon my clients kept commenting how much happier I seemed. Three months later I was making more money, six months later I was pregnant with my son. A couple months after that I got the opportunity to go to a Hair Show in Las Vegas which was something I had been wanting to do for years!

While pregant a coworker of mine told me about Hypnobabies and how much it had helped with her labour and delivery. I decided it was worth a try and I ended up loving Hypnobabies! It involved meditation and daily positive affirmations about pregnancy, labour and delivery which was right up my alley. Let me tell you it helped immensely in all three areas! On March 22 of this year I gave birth to our second child a baby boy! He has been the perfect addition to complete our little family and we couldn’t imagine our lives without him!

About two weeks after his birth our son started having health issues. We eventually found out after a very scary experience that he was experiencing reflux and most likely had some allergies. It took months of adjusting my diet to figure out what was effecting him. I was very stressed not to mention hangry as I tried to figure out what I could safely eat while nursing him. While I was in the midst of all this I came across a post on Facebook of an Angel Card that read;


“This message from your angels is to let you know that someone close to you who is struggling with their health is going to start improving. Stay positive as the shift may be slow but it is on it’s way. If your feeling any worry or stress, call upon Archangel Raphael to assist in speeding up the recovery.—“

It brough me to tears and my heart skipped a beat!  I was so worried and stressed about my son it was exactly what I needed to hear. That everything I was doing was making a difference and he was going to get better! And to stay positive.


Fast forward to about a month ago that same person (Shelly Boudah) had posted on Instagram that she was offering a course on Angel Card Reading. I instantly felt this magnetic pull to register. I felt like I needed this as I had been feeling a little lost again lately and I wanted to feel “on purpose” (I’m the most indecisive person or I should say I was). But I kept humming and hawing about if it would be worth it or not. Finally I said to myself I think it was the day after the registration deadline- “If I can still register I’ll take it as a sign that I need to do this”. Guess what?! I was still able to register so I did and it has changed my life! I started the course like I said to find clarity and purpose in my own life but it has been so much more. In order to get our certification for doing readings we had to do 10 practise readings on other people. I figured I spent the money I might as well get the certification. Every time I do a reading for someone else I’m in awe of how accurately it relates to their life and it always leaves them feeling “on purpose”, reassured and uplifted! I have to tell you it has been so rewarding for me to be able to help people in such a way! So I’ve decided to continue to do readings for others and felt compelled to share my journey, lessons and knowledge along the way with you all.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”- Mahatma Gandhi

Namaste ✌🏻💜

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Who is She?

What a loaded question! Who is she?

AboutMuch like my music preferences a little bit of everything!

8deeaacd-3ba6-49de-bb30-34c696a96dc6.pngThis is the short version we’ll get into details later.

I’m a small town country girl at heart.

The middle child/oldest child in a blended family. Mother to a spirited six year old girl and happy go lucky 8 month old boy. Wife to my high school sweetheart going on 10 years together and 3 years of marriage.

Hairstylist and Makeup Artist by day. I’m currently on mat-leave and loving every minute of it.

Yoga and meditation lover although I’ve been seriously lacking in this department recently! Angel Card Reader and New Age enthusiast.

90’s baby born on the Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp. I love anything vintage especially  circa 1960-70’s. My favourite color is pink and anything glittery.

I have a bit of a potty mouth and while I try to embrace a natural-organic lifestyle I am also a believer of balance. By this I mean I love a good cocktail, iced coffee or cheeseburger just as much as the next person!

I look forward to sharing my journey of self discovery so far with you all. After all how boring would life be if we had it all figured out?! Here’s to those AHHA moments and keepin’ it real ✌️💜